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Long lasting , luxurious scent guaranteed to receive maximum compliments.

Introducing D`Telli

This unisex fragrance is intoxicating, rich, and luxurious. D`Telli is a complex blend that will mix with your skin's own unique chemistry creating a slightly different version of the scent for everyone who wears it.

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We are focusing on how fragrances perform in real life and how many compliments they get. Instead of boardrooms and focus groups, we are focused on customer satisfaction and testimonials, talking to real people with real reactions.


Fragrance that is designed to leave a luxury lingering scent.


D`Telli fragrance is made in the USA from local and carefully sourced materials and suppliers. We have specifically chosen a fragrance creator that aligns with our values and produces products of a high quality.


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D'Telli UNISEX / Travel size 15ml D'Telli Travel Mist Gold 10ml D'Telli Fragrance 100ml Hoodie Limited Edition Gold D'Telli Fragrance 100ml (Only 100 units Available)

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“This fragrance is a must have, I love it! it’s perfect for both winter and summer, and I have received so many compliments about it! I can wear it all the time!!”

Khadija L

“Mannnn the fragrance was amazing!! Got mad compliments from people because of the sexy smell!! It last long as well and goes on smooth too!! 10/10!! “

Quincy M.

Fragrance is one of the best I have smelled in a long time. It’s unisex which I love. My wife and I both use it. It’s a must purchase!”

Rolando Aqui

“This fragrance can be worn throughout all of the seasons but I will definitely be making it a staple must-have scent for the fall/winter. I also like how it can transition from day to night. Love it!” -

Ashley A.

“Omg I’m in loveeee with this fragrance! A must have, it’s my everyday scent and everywhere I go I get compliments. I love that it’s unisex too, my new fav scent!”

Yana E.

“D’telli fragrance has quickly become my go-to because I can’t wear it without receiving endless compliments!
If I had to describe what D’telli smells like in one word it would be “rich”. I feel like luxury every time I spray it on.”

Asia S.

“WOW! I just wanted to say that I've got a ton of compliments from the ladies. One even told me I smell yummy. Only goes to show that the product test these on the ladies before it went out. I cant wait to grab another one ASAP... Long lasting as well!”

Hiro S.

“This is honestly one of my favorite fragrances I have ever tried; it’s long lasting, smells amazing, & anyone can rock it! Definitely a must buy.”

Dylan G. 

“Love the unisex scent. I’ve never tried unisex cologne and couldn’t believe it. Lasts long on me too! I recommend all the guys to try it!”

“Absolutely love the fragrance! It lasts so long you don’t have to re-spritz! It smells fresh and it has such a unique scent” 

Cece & Byron Scott

“It’s a luxurious experience and smell lasts all day! I absolutely love walking into rooms knowing how rich I smell and often get asked about my scent.”

Maricela C.

“I just absolutely love D’Telli fragrance! It’s strong enough to get noticed but not overwhelming. A little spray goes a long way. The scent lasts all day. I get compliments on this fragrance by everyone. They all want to know… who are you wearing? I also have sensitive skin. No irritation or allergic reaction. This is my go-to fragrance for every occasion. “ 

Dimitry L.

“From the euphoric smell to the long lasting wear D’Telli has became my favorite! The everlasting scent soothes my every mood. “

Nae W. 

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