About us


Welcome to the world of D`Telli - once you’re in you’ll never look back. Established in  two-thousand and twenty-one, D`Telli has been consciously created to inspire a sense of luxury, for both him and her. 

This unisex fragrance is intoxicating, rich, and luxurious. D`Telli is a complex blend that will mix with your skin's own unique chemistry creating a slightly different version of the scent for everyone who wears it.


D`Telli Opens up with a soft breeze of juicy Italian Blood Orange, over an exotic floral  Heart of Tunisian Orange Blossoms, mixed with (day blooming) Royal Moroccan Jasmine and (night blooming) Arabian Jasmine. The dry-down is an addictive lingering skin scent of sultry Waves of amber and hints of vanilla.

Ethically Sourced:

D`Telli fragrance is made in the USA from local and carefully sourced materials and suppliers. We have specifically chosen a fragrance creator that aligns with our values and produces products of a high quality