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Mystyle X D’Telli Candle Gift Set

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The Mystyle X D’Telli Candle Gift Set has arrived! Immerse yourself in the charm of D’Telli’s Sand Wax – a testament to eco-friendly candle making. Our unique sand-like wax, made from sustainable palm sources, guarantees candles that not only last longer but also add a serene texture to your space. Perfect for crafting scented candles, creating memorable gifts, or simply beautifying your home, our set adds a sustainable yet elegant touch to any setting. Experience the fusion of environmental consciousness and artistic finesse with D’Telli’s Sand Wax.

In your set, you’ll find everything needed to start: a stylish vase, quality wicks, our signature fragrances, and, of course, our unique sand wax. Dive into a world where sustainability meets style.

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Discover the allure of D’Telli’s Sand Wax, your eco-conscious solution for candle crafting. Crafted from sustainable palm wax, our product ensures long-lasting candles with a soothing sand-like texture. Ideal for scented candles, thoughtful gifts, or enhancing your home decor. Elevate your ambiance with a touch of sustainability and elegance. Explore the possibilities with D’Telli’s Sand Wax – where eco-friendliness meets craftsmanship.

D’Telli Essential Oil:

Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s finest with our essential oil scent. Infused with cedarwood, jasmine, patchouli, orange, and myrrh essential oils, this fragrance unfolds in layers. Top notes dance with apple, lemon, and lime, while middle notes of jasmine and orange add floral and citrus elegance. The scent settles into a rich base with cedar, cinnamon oak, patchouli, and vanilla notes, creating a captivating and balanced aroma for your senses.

Candle Gift Set

Black, Red, White

Product Details

–  2 lbs wax, 50 wick, D’Telli Essential Oil, and Vase L 4.7in W 3.3in included for your convenience.
– Made from all-natural, eco-friendly, and responsibly sourced palm wax.
– Creates a unique soft sand-like texture for a soothing atmosphere.


– Sustainable and eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious customers.
– Clean burn and minimal environmental impact.
– Long-lasting candles to enjoy for hours on end.
– Burn time of approximately 120 hours for 2lbs wax and 4 hours of burn time for each wick.

Shipping and Return Information

– Fast and reliable shipping options available. Check our shipping policies for more detail.
– We stand behind the quality of our product.
– If you have any issues, our customer support team is here to assist you.

Directions For Use

1. Pour sand wax into the glass, filling it up to your desired level
2. Level the wax by gently tapping or shaking the container, allowing it to settle evenly
3. Add 10-15 drops of essential oil on top layer of sand wax
4. Insert a wick in the center of the glass, making sure it stands about 1/4 inch above the wax surface
5. Once wick is securely in place and the wax is leveled, you’re ready to light your candle.
6. Enjoy the warm and cozy ambiance created by your homemade My Style Candles x D’Telli.


1. When  finished enjoying your candle, extinguish the flame carefully using a candle snuffer or by gently blowing it out. Make sure the wick is completely extinguished.
2. Allow the melted wax to harden for approximately 15 minutes. This will ensure the wax solidifies before you remove it from the container.
3. Once the wax has hardened, carefully remove wick  from the container.
4. Clean the glass container by wiping away any remaining wax residue with a cloth. Ensure the container is dry before proceeding.
5. Insert a new wick into the cleaned container, and reuse all over again.

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